1. What was your first ink?
Monteverde Jade Noir. It is a dark, moody green that would fit in well in the Slytherin dungeons.

2. What is your favorite ink bottle design, and which bottle is your favorite to use?
The new Endless Alchemy design is fascinating. I'm tempted to buy just for the bottle. But my favorite to use is the Faber-Castell bottles. Pure ease.

3. What's an ink you love or find useful, but would not use for everyday writing?
Diamine Brilliant Red is great for proofreading, but it's far too bright for regular writing purposes. But as a magazine editor, let me tell you it's my go-to when it comes time to proof the issue.

4. How do you discover new inks?
I browse online shops that sell samples — like Vanness Pens or Goulet Pens — and compare inks I find interesting to review blogs like Mountain of Ink or Inky Inspirations. InkSwatch.com is also excellent for finding similar shades if something is close but not quite.

5. Do you use inks for anything other than writing?
I use ink for ritual purposes as a practicing Pagan. For example, I use blue ink as an ingredient when making blue ritual salt (or green ink for green salt, etc.)

6. What's an ink that's worth hoarding?
Monteverde Smoke Noir. It dries to a sharp, graphite-like shade. Very nice.

7. How do you choose which ink goes into a pen? Do they have to match?
If the pen is black — and most of mine are — I'll choose whatever ink I'm feeling inclined to on inking day. But my Nahvalur Horizon – Glacier is most enjoyable with an icy blue or steely gray ink.

8. Do you use ink samples?
Sure do. I'll try various shades that are close to what I want before I commit to a bottle. I'll also keep samples for my #5 answer.

9. Is there a popular ink that's just not for you? What underhyped ink would you like to see more people try?
Anything overly glittery or bright like Organic Studio Nitrogen or Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-budo. Just not for me.
As for an underhyped ink, I highly recommend Monteverde Moonstone. It's a dusky, cool-toned brown that gives off a suave, vintage vibe.

10. What do you do with any unused ink when you clean a pen?
Right down the drain, typically, though I'll sometimes use it as a ritual ingredient (see #5).

11. What is the most unique ink you've used?
Van Dieman's Gudrid Far Traveler. It's much more high-sheen than the rest of my collection, but it's beautiful and has a powerful backstory.

12. How do you catalog, swatch, and store your inks?
I use Fountain Pen Companion to catalog, my journal to swatch, and I store my inks in a wooden chest at my writing desk.

13. What is your favorite ink color/color family?
Neutrals, particularly cool-tone browns, blacks, and steely grays.

14. What ink-related tool or accessory can you not live without?
Ink syringes, without a doubt.

15. Have you ever mixed inks or used shimmer additives?

16. What is your favorite ink delivery system?

17. What ink(s) are you excited about right now?
Today, my answer is Van Dieman's Vampire Bat.
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